Executive Team

Keith Swaim
Founder of Axiom Consulting, Keith is an experienced professional with a successful and extensive background in telecommunications expense management, including more than 15 years providing direct savings for Fortune 500 companies. Keith has cost management experience with MCI, e.spire and Net2000. He had a pivotal role in establishing two third-party audit departments – TEOCO, Sage Management and Dimension Data. His strengths include audit, optimization, facility engineering, Switched Access validation and general provisioning/rate validation. Keith has experience with most industry cost management tools, and a depth of knowledge in both inter-carrier and enterprise telecom services. Keith has identified more than $300M and saved more than $200M in annualized savings for our clients
Tiffany Brown
Tiffany leads our Sourcing and Benchmarking division, along with running our Recon process. She has personally identified more than $110M and reconciled more than $90M in annualized savings for our clients. Tiffany is our resident subject matter expert for the Recon process, with complex dispute escalations. She has a background in engineering and past experience with Winstar and TEOCO.
Scott Johnson
Scott has 15 years of telecom management experience with Cable & Wireless and two third-party solutions providers. Scott has helped our clients realize more than $390M in annualized savings. Previously, he was TEOCO’s Application Expert assisting in Sales; along with assisting in starting up TEOCO’s Audit Serivce Center. Scott started auditing at Cable & Wireless identifying and resolving over $100M  in credits. 
Bernadette Russell
Bernadette joined the Axiom team in October 2009. She has identified more than $55M and has saved more than $30M in annualized savings for our clients. She recently managed the audit staff at XO, identifying more than $10M per year in disputes along with settling over $18M in credits. She has held management and auditor positions with Razorsight, Information View (Now TEOCO) and Cable & Wireless. Bernadette brings a deep understanding of CSR/ASR/DLR auditing with a strong systems background.