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Axiom is a telecom expense management audit firm focusing on wireless and wireline cost verification and rate reduction. We hire only senior telecom specialists with deep and diverse industry knowledge of all network elements. We saved our clients more than $35M last year alone.

Our primary services include audit, optimization, sourcing and inventory reconciliation. We categorize our services by wireline and wireless. Below is a brief overview of our services, and additional information on individual components is available upon request:


Audit – There is typically a 10% error rate on telecom invoices. We perform exhaustive validation efforts using a unique approach to capture errors. We validate for rate, quantity and existence on all services, and work with your vendors to reconcile credits on invoices. Our win rate on disputes is consistently better than 70%.

Optimization – We view optimization as a separate exercise from sourcing, and define it as a thorough analysis of your invoices and terms in your contract. The goal is always to get the best value from your existing contract. Activities may include modifications to circuit order information, grooming, etc.

Sourcing – We take an analytical approach to sourcing wireline. These services have been in existence for many years, and telecom sales teams are well versed in rate negotiations. In many areas, fixed or tariff costs for services add to the complexity. We will outline your existing spend to see if products like MPLS, SIP Trunking or wireless/VoIP products could more effectively run on your network.

Our sourcing activities include the following phases:

  1. Initial Invoice Review – Analyze existing invoices to determine billed rates
  2. Rate Analysis – Identify services that are above market rates that qualify for rate revisions
  3. RFP/Negotiation – Determine whether an RFP would be beneficial, and execute the RFP or negotiate with existing providers
  4. Implementation Invoice Review – Analyze invoices to ensure rates have been applied appropriately

Inventory – We perform several layers of analysis to develop a true telecom inventory. We do not simply “trust the bill.” We utilize any existing inventory data along with Axiom proprietary scripts to perform more than 30 different match criteria. This exercise automates some of the process of matching bills to inventory. The remaining exercise is a more manual effort to identify the inventory gap.

Site Survey – Our experienced team of telecom billing experts and collocation engineers provide a unique combination of technical skills and industry knowledge to identify savings for our clients.  By performing a site survey, we create a detailed physical inventory of services and reconcile findings with our clients billed invoiceslocating billing errors and providing network optimizations to custom-fit our clients budget.


Audit – Similar to our process for wireline, we perform a monthly validation of invoices and contracts, and work with vendors to reconcile disputes. Due to the lack of complexity with wireless services, these dispute negotiations are considerably easier.

Optimization – Optimization recurring services is the area where we find the most recurring savings. Each quarter, we perform a detailed analysis of billed detail to optimize your users. This may involve a minute pooling analysis and will involve suggested plan changes, add/drop features, moving users to alternate providers, etc.

Sourcing – We take more of a sales approach to sourcing wireless. While the phases are the same as the ones we use for wireline, we find that because wireless services are newer, the pricing structure is more volatile. This volatility allows for a more aggressive negotiation style.

Inventory – In normal organizations, wireless inventory is spread out in many locations with multiple providers. Because consolidating providers can yield significant price breaks, creating a good inventory is critical to any audit, optimization or sourcing initiative. We will work with your teams and wireless vendors to create user lists while centralizing billing.

Carrier/Wholesale Services

Carrier Audit Services

Audit Services

  • Experience in finding incremental savings to internal teams and even other vendors (Backstop)
  • Self reliant in identifying data gaps and getting the data while finding money with what we have

Our approach:

  1. We find money with the data we get.
  2. We work with you to get more data.
  3. Then we find more money.


Carrier Benchmarking/Sourcing